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I received, as a gift, a beautiful cow painting that you did. It fits perfectly in my cow collection. You're an amazing artist and I'm very excited to own a Jocelyne Lamontagne original!
Stephenie Vokey - 2 May 2024
I'm impressed! You have been very busy, my friend! Beautiful works of art!
Pat Campbell - 8 Dec 2017
Congratulations on the sale of 'Vacation Dreamin' at the Desert event. What a trooper to sit out in that heat!
Carollyne Sinclaire - 9 Jul 2017
Congratulations on your multiple sales of late! And more kudos to you on your upcoming show at Jo Jo's! I'm so proud of you!
Carollyne Sinclaire - 23 Nov 2016
Congratulations on your multiple sales of late! And more kudos to you on your upcoming show at Jo Jo's! I'm so proud of you!
Carollyne Sinclaire - 23 Nov 2016
You do beautiful work. Pat told me that you were an artist.
Elizabeth Lochhead Cathey - 14 Sep 2016
Jocelyne I remember've come a long way since then!!!
Deborah Lochhead Holden - 5 Jun 2016
You worked very hard to get where you are today. Congratulations on your beautiful artwork!
Pat Campbell - 28 May 2016
A beautiful, well organized website that is easy to navigate. It's a great showcase for your work.
Carollyne Sinclaire - 17 May 2016
Excellent website Jocelyne. Great Job!!
Dianne Hughes - 11 May 2016
Beautiful work! Happy to see our favourite little chickadee amongst the collection.
Marjorie Trosky - 7 May 2016
Wow! So awesome Auntie J! Lots of stuff I had not seen before. Amazing!
Sue - 7 May 2016
Jo.....very impressive website. So nice to see so many beautifully completed pieces. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading and hearing of your successes. Marcia
Marcia - 6 May 2016
I can't believe you have been so prolific. One picture is nicer than the other - more beautiful as they go along. I rate you AAA.
June Smith - 5 May 2016
You have created so many beautiful pieces of artwork and a wonderful website to showcase them. Great job Auntie Jocelyne
Andrea - 5 May 2016
Well Picasolyne, Keep up the awesome work. Now I can say I knew you when...... All the best Jocelyne. Love Julie
Julie Dickson - 4 May 2016
Congratulation Jocelyn, to opening your personal website. Good luck with your endeavor. Ivanna
Ivanna - 3 May 2016
Beautiful work!!
Mary Jane and Kent - 3 May 2016
Great job Jo. Well organized website. I'm looking forward to your blog posts
Toni Ramsay - 3 May 2016
A beautiful website! Easy to navigate, really well done. I`m happy to be a fellow artist with you, Jocelyne, and be able to stay in touch so often! Keep going, you are great!
Claudia Punter - 2 May 2016
A beautiful website with girgeous artwork. Congratulations on all your hard work,Jo! Please do subscribe me to your blog and sign up fir mine too if you so wish.
Lee Simmons - 2 May 2016
Hi Thanks for including me in the AOM newsletter. I feel like I am in constant touch with my friends in Osoyoos. I love your website and will follow your work. You have been one busy lady. Great work. Hello to everyone. Regards Mary Anne
Mary Anne Arndt - 2 May 2016
Great web site, I look forward to following your journey.
Ronna - 2 May 2016
Welcome to the blogging world!!
Eileen Hopkins - 2 May 2016
Lovely work
Wendy Provins - 2 May 2016
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